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Famous Music

Keali'i Reichel. Ninth Annual Kukahi Concert, ...
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Hawaii’s cultural background has become apparent in its music. A combination of various cultures, Hawaiian music sounds like no other genre in the world because of its unique attributes and distinctive tone. The type of music has become so celebrated that famous music spews out of the speakers of homes in Hawaii across the island chain. Originally, Hawaiian music consisted only of beats and chants accompanied by simple drums, rocks, sticks, and gourds. However, today, the sounds of several different instruments have been intertwined. Things like the guitar and bass have been brought into Hawaiian music from western civilization while the ukulele, a four-stringed instrument, is locally-produced.

Hawaiian music has become so popular around the world that there is even a Grammy award for the best Hawaiian artist. Israel Kamakawiwoole is one of Hawaii’s prominent musical artists whose music is heard around the world. The late artist recorded almost a dozen albums that included both remakes of popular songs as well as original songs and beats. The Makaha Sons and Kealii Reichel are also staples of the famous music scene in the state. And who can forget Don Ho, who was once the all-star performer who brought Hawaiian music to the world stage

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